The Paterson, Washington non-profit group Water from Wine continues to support the Haiti HANWASH clean water project through sales of East Wenatchee Rotary labeled wine.
     Water from Wine is a non-profit group headquartered in Paterson, Washington which supports
clean water projects around the globe through various organizations.   Several years ago they offered
to bottle Cabernet Sauvignon wine in a special East Wenatchee Rotary label, with $35 being donated
to the clean water project of our choice for each $30 bottle of wine sold.  East Wenatchee Rotary is 
donating the entire $35 from each bottle towards the Rotary District 5060 Haiti HANWASH clean water
project currently underway in the Ferrier district of Haiti.  This award-winning 2016 vintage wine is from
the Horse Heaven Hills district of Washington and the work of well-known winemaker Charlie Hoppes.
It can be purchased at the Water from Wine tasting room on Front Street in Leavenworth or online by using
the QR code above.